©Jean-Alexandre Lahocsinsky
©Jean-Alexandre Lahocsinsky
©Jean-Alexandre Lahocsinsky
©Jean-Alexandre Lahocsinsky
©Jean-Alexandre Lahocsinsky
©Margot Tamizé
first performed 2020



This project for a theatrical art intervention was initially thought up by Pronomades in the autumn of 2020 as a way of confronting the restrictions imposed by the Covid crisis. There is no audience invited in advance, but rather passers-by who happen to come across an artistic performance that has sprung up along their daily path

There are 8 everyday characters who appear dotted about in different ‘no man’s lands’ (a roundabout, the edge of a kerb). They each take up position in their spot, with everyday household objects, and busily go about their business. On the last day, all the characters converge in a main square and gather in 6 apartments that take the form of white lines drawn out on the ground. They occupy the place for the next three hours, offering us a glimpse into fragments of their lives.

This is a performance that explores quirkiness, loneliness, expectation, obsessions, survival rituals, roaming, dignity, the visible and the invisible.


A show by Barthélemy Bompard | invented and performed by Armelle Bérengier, Barthélemy Bompard, Richard Ecalle, Frédérique Espitalier, Marie-Pascale Grenier, Cyril Lévi-Provençal, Bernard Llopis & Judith Thiébaut | technical production Djamel Djerboua

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