© Nina Bompard
© Daniel Roblin
© Daniel Roblin
© Vincent Muteau
© Daniel Roblin
© Vincent Muteau
© Jean-Pierre-Estournet
© Nina Bompard
© Nina Bompard
first performed 2019


And old man is but a young person, sitting there, still full of life, cries … and challenges.

With their bodies ravaged by time, a theatre director and ‘his’ actors rise to the challenge of putting on a circus show.
Bursting with life and shaking up the everyday, the actors on stage are prepared to juggle, even in crutches, and lay themselves bare to the audience.
Yet behind the curtain, they come face to face with their habits, and each other’s excesses.

Press review

Emmanuelle Bouchez
« A far cry from the usually raw and frank approach of its productions, condemning the shortcomings of contemporary society, here it (Kumulus theatre company) adopts a travelling circus aesthetic to pay vibrant and derisory tribute to the life of performing artists. And more precisely, to those having a final go round the circus ring. »
Périne Faivre –
Cie les arts Oseurs
« Between the ring and the wings, you will see performers who are much too old to be working or consumers, and who have nothing left to lose.
They tell their ludicrous stories and share the utopian dreams they still cling to, presenting their old age with courage and dignity.
With this new show, Barthélemy Bompard gives us an insight into the existence of a theatre troupe after 30 years on tour, presenting a life force for performers who are not even dead, non de dieu ! (god-not-damn-it!). »


artistic direction Barthélemy Bompard | with the assistance of Judith Thiébaut | interprété par Viviana Allocco, Barthélemy Bompard, Thérèse Bosc, Céline Damiron, Djamel Djerboua, Richard Ecalle, Frédérique Espitalier, Léo Plastaga, Cyril Lévi-Provençal, Bernard Llopis & Nina Sérusier | musical and sound creation Léo Plastaga | costume designer and realisation  Marie-Cécile Winling | technical production Djamel Djerboua

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