This workshop explores the art of acting, specifically focusing on the theme of freedom, an essential dimension of this art form.

How can you travel using body sensations? How do you improvise using the emotions running through you? How can constraints feed into and strengthen your performance? How do you create a theatrical character? How do you find pleasure and a sense of elation in being, living, feeling and laughing? How can you switch from performing, to actually being? Let’s play the game of acting!

To help show you how, actors and actresses from the French theatre company Kumulus will provide you with the tools to put logic to one side and let go, so as to behave freely and in tune with yourself.

The tools:
We will use the spoken voice, the sung voice, the body and breathing.
We will act, explore the theatre of objects, and invent imaginary languages.
We will take a simple, blank canvas, and improvise. We will tune into our sensations and inner world.