© Barthélemy Bompard
© Jean-Louis Fernandez
© Jean-Louis Fernandez
first performed 1999


Imagine if right now
All the countless advertising hoardings that line the pavements suddenly sprang to life.
That simply by the power of your gaze, you could make them come alive, and moreover the images they showed you weren’t quite perhaps what you were expecting…
Imagine the city becoming a place of pure fiction, just for a moment,
yet long enough to let you rediscover the magic of seeing the world,
and regain that vital element of subjectivity in your eyes.
Imagine in this fictional world that the city has become,
that you come to a bend in the road and find your identity,
there on the street corner, your clear-sightedness,
and just at your feet, on the edge of the pavement,
all your desires piled up in a heap.
And what if this fantasy was none other than your own
reality, the reality that is stolen away from you every day, every bit more?


A show by Barthélemy Bompard | artistic direction Barthélemy Bompard assisted by Jean-Marc Colet | created and performed by Armelle Bérengier, Dominique Bettenfeld, Eric Blouet, Barthélemy Bompard, Jean-Marc Colet, Céline Damiron, Gabriel Levasseur & Judith Thiébaut | design office & set designer Dominique Moysan | costume designer Claire Salmon Legagneur assisted by Françoise Lefèvre | dressing Marie-Cécile Winling or Catherine Sardi | technical production Djamel Djerboua & Dominique Moysan

Arts promotion and financial aids

Arts promotion and financial aids ADAMI, “Chalon dans la rue”, Kumulus and with the town of Saint-Gaudens. This show was developed in residence in Aurillac, and was produced for the “Furies” street theatre fesival in Châlons-en-Champagne (June 1999).



Video of “Tout va bien” – 7’02
1999 – Marc Guiochet